ClickMagick Review: Is The Best Link Tracking Tool?

If you are a person who dabbles in the world of digital marketing, looking for a way to improve the income of your business, to increase the growth of your account in a certain social network, or, on the contrary, you have enough time in the sector, but you do not manage to achieve the goals you have set, you may require a follow-up of the traffic you attract.

To monitor the traffic that interacts with your publications, and keep track of the actions and behavior they have, it is necessary to make use of software that takes care of this information gathering and delivers you the database with all the gold to be exploited on your website.

In this case, we will explore ClickMagick, which is a tracking link software, with which you can analyze where the clicks come from that later become sales, you can optimize your advertising campaigns and considerably improve the sales ratios in your business.

Throughout this article, we will explore the features this tool brings with it, look at the acquisition prices it has, analyze some reviews from other users, and finally conclude with the reliability of using ClickMagick for our purposes. So stick around to find out every single detail.

Clickmagick tracking link software

What is ClickMagick?

As we already mentioned superficially, ClickMagick is a specialized link tracking tool, which provides us with very useful information that we can take advantage of in different aspects that give life to the Internet today.

For example, if we launch an advertising campaign through a social network, to attract an audience to our sales funnel, we can be aware of how many people click on our link and how many of them end up making a purchase. With this metric we analyze the profitability of our campaign, and thus, determine if we should continue with it, or, on the contrary, modify or redirect our effort in another direction.

Also, we could visualize the region from where our links are clicked the most so that we can readjust where an ad is displayed, or change the strategy we apply.

The user who uses ClickMagick also has multiple ways to use this tool, such as email marketing campaigns, where you can see how many people open your emails, and thus adjust how the title is presented, or the call to action within the text.

Undoubtedly, ClickMagick is a software with incredible functionalities that you can take advantage of if you understand, analyze, and study how to use each resource, to use it correctly.

You can find out more about this tool through its official website:

ClickMagick Features

ClickMagic has the particularity that it has many features, which makes it an all-in-one tool, with which you can perform a lot of different activities. Here, we will only analyze some of them, let’s say the ones we find most interesting for our objectives.

ClickMagick Interface

This is the main feature that ClickMagick has, and that is fundamental to performing good marketing, either in email, social networks, or on your website.

What ClickMagick does through link tracking is to collect information about the clicks on your links. That is, if you launch, for example, a campaign on Facebook, which redirects to a sales funnel, this software will see when someone opens the link and will take from there, the geographic location from where it was opened, the device that was used for it, the time it was opened, among others.

This will allow you, with the information obtained, to redirect, restructure, or redo your campaigns, so that they are more effective. This, indirectly, will be reflected in higher sales and, therefore, more profits.

Tracking links on ClickMagick

– Conversion Tracking

This feature goes hand in hand with link tracking, as it can be considered the step that follows it. With conversion tracking, ClickMagick can track the behavior of users once they click on your link.

In this way, you can study the customer throughout the sales funnel, analyzing which sites they go to until they finally make the purchase. This is important because it allows you to know the return on investment (ROI) you are having with your campaign, the traffic you are driving, and the percentage of clicks that are effective.

With this valuable information, you can make important decisions that impact your bottom line, such as the need to switch to a different strategy or redo the campaign completely, maybe you discover that you need to focus attention differently or with a different point of view, or, on the contrary, you simply need to adjust the target audience of your advertising.

All of these changes can improve the sales you end up getting, improve the efficiency with which ads are displayed, and adapt to what the market reflects in the analytics.

– Cross-Device Tracking

This function is crucial to understand more accurately how users behave on a given website. Since, for many, it is normal to use different devices, at different periods, to access the same website.

This could be a problem because, for some software that does not have this type of function incorporated, the behavior of the same user from different devices could be collected as different people accessing the web, which would be providing false information and would create inconsistencies.

ClickMagick ensures that it can detect the exchange of devices of a single user, to provide real information on the traffic that is on the web.

– Sub-IDs

The option of sub-IDs makes ClickMagick a real marvel, which can be superior to other link trackers found in the market. The incorporation of this functionality provides great ease in complex cases.

For example, suppose you have a landing page, and it has different buttons, be it 2, 3, 4, or whatever, which all lead to the same URL. The common case is that when tracking the clicks that lead to that URL, the clicks of all the buttons are taken in a general way, as a single value.

However, ClickMagick can differentiate the clicks coming from each button separately. This makes it possible to determine which button is driving the most traffic, and work or make changes based on that information.

– Campaign Tracking

For some pages or social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, the way link trackers operate is usually not to their liking, because these work with redirect links, and therefore, these networks block them.

However, for these cases, it is possible to use campaign tracking, which allows you to analyze the entire campaign with the entire sales funnel, avoiding the obstacles that may arise.

Campaigns on ClickMagick

– External Page Tracking

As we have already mentioned before, ClickMagick can analyze the clicks during the entire sales funnel created, this means that it can measure the conversion percentage that this funnel has.

This is achieved by adding a pixel on the final page of the process, which is usually the page where you thank the customer for the purchase. The disadvantage is that, to add this pixel, you must access the code of the page, which can be a drawback, if, for example, you work with affiliate marketing, or similar.

For these cases in which it is not possible to access the source code of the thank-you page, what ClickMagick does is redirect to a previously blank page, which is almost imperceptible, where the pixel that will reflect the conversion will be placed, and then open the final page of the funnel.

– A/B Split Testing

An A/B test is a strategy widely used in marketing in which 2 versions of a web page, an advertisement, or any type of presentation that you have to a potential customer are presented. The idea is to test which of the 2 versions has a better performance, to decide which one has better analytics.

ClickMagick, as a tool with infinite possibilities, presents the option of launching an A/B test during a determined period and showing the metrics that each one generates. With this, we can always choose the best option to attract a customer.

Although, if necessary, you can generate a test with more than 2 options, being able to create as many as necessary to cover all the possibilities in our funnel.

Another interesting feature to be considered is the link rotation which can be very useful if you have different links where you want to send traffic. This option allows you to register different links to track, so that as potential customers click on the link, it redirects to different landing pages, randomly or in a set sequence.

– Fraud Detection

In the marketing world, the traffic that moves through ads and web pages is not always real, that is, much of that traffic can be made by bots or software that are not interested in the campaign you are deploying and are only looking for information.

In these cases, ClickMagick offers the option to block click bots so that all the clicks that reach your landing page are genuine. This is done by tracking the origin of the clicks, which allows that, if you get several clicks coming from the same IP, without at any time the purchase is completed, this IP is blocked so that no ads appear again.

– Retargeting Support

An excellent feature provided by this tool is to be able to show your content to people who have interacted with your campaigns before. This is a good way to look for a sale and loyalty, by targeting people who have already been interested in what you offer.

– Geotargeting

Geotargeting is a way that link tracking software has to manage in which way some advertising is going to be shown. That is if you have a landing page to generate sales
or subscribers, but your audience is very broad and diverse, you have the option to create different pages and display them according to your needs.

For example, if you have an audience coming from 2 different countries, or even with different languages, the ideal would be to create 2 versions of the same page. Thus, you would have a version for each language, or with variants according to the region where it is going to be shown, and ClickMagick would be in charge of managing how the advertising is shown, determined by the place where the click is made, which basically would be to have links with geolocation.

– Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring allows users who actively use the link tracker to track the status of the pages they are redirecting traffic to. This is a good alert, as sometimes the page can go down, and the whole campaign would be going to a page that is not working.

This simple feature can save a lot of time and stress that we would otherwise be sentenced to spend.

– Alerts and Notifications

As ClickMagick is a software that you can constantly be running, it is useful that you configure the tool to notify you when a relevant event happens. This means that you can ask to be notified of relevant information about sales percentages, or interaction percentages with an ad.

There are several options to be notified, which would keep you informed in real-time about how your campaign is performing and give you considerable time to modify or adjust your campaign settings.

– Comprehensive Reports and Analytics

As you may have noticed, this software has a lot of functionalities, which in turn translates into an ample number of reports and metrics to be analyzed.

This helps to have a complete view of the entire operation of a sales funnel, from the first contact to the click that generates the purchase. All this valuable information is collected in the platform, to improve existing campaigns, optimize the pages that receive traffic, and also to reduce time and costs for future campaigns.

– MagickPops and MagickBars

This could be perhaps the most intrusive option that ClickMagick has. With MagickPops and MagickBars you can configure the appearance of pop-up notifications along the web page, or the placement of eye-catching bars, which are attractive to the potential customer and facilitate the conversion on the site.

This is a tool that you must know how to use correctly so that it fulfills the expected objective and not the opposite.

Apart from all the functions we have mentioned here, there are still several that you can analyze directly on the page or with the software, once you have the subscription.

ClickMagick Plans and Pricing

Now, if you are interested in purchasing ClickMagick you have 3 different payment options, so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and your goals.

ClickMagick Plans and Pricing

First, you have the Starter plan, which is presented as a plan with basic options and the main functions of this software. This could be ideal if you are just starting in the marketing world and don’t need to go too deep into these link tracking options. This plan can be purchased for a price of $69 per month.

Then, there is the Standard plan, with more functions and a wider range of opportunities. With this plan, you can get a more complete analysis of your campaigns, so it is ideal for more experienced users. You can get this one for $149 per month.

Finally, there is the Pro plan, which offers all the functionalities that ClickMagick has without any type of restriction or inconvenience. This could be used massively to
meet different objectives at the same time, making it an attractive option for agencies and companies. This plan is priced at $299 per month.

It is also important to note that ClickMagick offers you a 14-day free trial, which gives you enough time to test the functions calmly and comfortably before deciding to proceed with the purchase.

Support Service of ClickMagick

In this aspect, ClickMagick is fully involved in ensuring that its users receive the indications so that they can work correctly with its software.

An example of this is the video they show you when you access your account for the first time. Here, you take a short survey about the functions you intend to use and, you will automatically have a video guide that will explain how to proceed.

In addition, it has a support service to answer doubts and inconveniences in a personal way which you can access through email. Even, users with standard or pro plans have access to a live chat or the option to call by phone before the existing need.

Or, in case you are working outside the business hours they offer, you can generate a ticket if you have any kind of urgency, and it will be answered as soon as possible.

Undoubtedly, the help service of this software is quite complete, and it is perfectly complemented by the set of videos, guides, and tutorials available for its users.

ClickMagick User Reviews

This tool generally gets good reviews from users who are satisfied with the software’s performance. This reflects the company’s commitment to providing a quality service that delivers what it promises. Here are just a few of the reviews left by different users on the Internet:

clickmagick review 1
clickmagick review 2
clickmagick review 3
clickmagick review 4

What Are the Best Alternatives to ClickMagick?

If it turns out that ClickMagick is not the best option for your tastes, or you think that it does not meet your objectives as expected, you can always count on other link tracers, so that you can have the right tool. Some of the best alternatives are the following:

Bitly: This is one of the best-known link shorteners on the whole Internet, and it is usually a reference, being used by small and big brands worldwide. However, this site not only allows you to shorten links but also offers the option to collect and manage information that you can analyze for your campaigns. In addition, it has the advantage that it is free, so you can try it without additional costs. is another software whose main function is to shorten links, but, like Bitly, it can collect large amounts of information about the behavior of users on certain pages and how they interact with the links. It is certainly a good option if you are looking for alternatives.

Voluum: Voluum may be the most similar option to ClickMagick since it looks for link tracking to measure and analyze the performance of your campaigns and ads.
With this tool, you can improve how you arrange the advertising, to obtain good profitability. For this reason, it is a very well-known option in the sector.

Improvely: With this tool you can be in control of the monitoring of your marketing campaigns, regardless of the page or social network in which they are developed, in addition to being able to filter clicks that are not real, providing reliable metrics to act accurately. Improvely is used by many marketers, so it is equally recommended as the others.


Now, as you can see throughout the review, ClickMagick is a very complete option for the analysis of campaigns and ads. It has a wide range of functions and features that allow you to have full control over what metrics to get and the results they show.

In addition, it displays all the information on a single page, which is convenient and pleasant to work with. Therefore, it is a good tool for those who are in the area of digital marketing and the like.

We could also highlight the inclusion of features that are not usually recurrent in other software, which gives it a plus in the market. Such as filtering clicks coming from bots, which in addition to saving you money, improves the statistics obtained.

As for the data it reflects, honestly, there is no way to recognize that 100% of the information collected is real or reliable, however, it does a very good job, and with the cards it puts on the table, you can make good decisions to improve the campaigns you have.

Despite the good things it has, it has some points that are not entirely pleasant, such as the absence of a live chat for the basic plans, who might be the ones who need it the most. However, we can also say that it is recommendable for any person, from new users to more experienced ones.

Pros of ClickMagick

  • It has advanced link tracking features, which allow you to analyze in broad strokes an established campaign.
  • With ClickMagick you can make use of very useful concepts in digital marketing such as A/B tests that improve your performance.
  • The opportunity to filter out clicks that are not real, providing a clearer look at how an ad performs.
  • Despite the incredible amount of features, this tool allows for a simple structure, which gives it dynamism and is intuitive to handle.
  • The inclusion of adding Sub-IDs to your links greatly improves the way data is collected, and therefore the analysis you can do.
  • It has a good repository of information and help that you can access in case you have a question or a problem on the platform.

Cons of ClickMagick

  • Although it is a very complete tool, it has tools that can be very complex for new users, which can be difficult in some situations.
  • Because it also has so many functions, the learning curve of the platform can be too long to be able to perfectly handle every aspect of it.
  • The lack of a live chat for the basic plan is not very pleasant.
ClickMagick Free Trial

Now it’s your turn to test this advanced link tracking tool. You can do it easily and free of charge thanks to ClickMagick 14-day free trial. You can access it at

Thank you for your attention. In addition to ClickMagick in our tool reviews section we thoroughly test the best marketing tools and AI-based utilities (like this WordAI review) that can help you enormously to generate content or get the most out of your online projects. We hope you find them useful.

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