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The HTML Editor offered by Corrector App, is a free web-based tool that has the purpose of fixing any incorrect web coding. It locates any invalid language within an HTML source and then corrects it for you. You can also edit HTML yourself if you know where the error is.

The software features two editors in one, allowing you to edit the content in a visual way or a source editor. They are present right next to each other, so you can see how things change when you edit the content in this program. Thus, you have total control over the editing process, ensuring you can always see perfect results.

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Why Use Online HTML Tools Like This One?

Why would you want to use a tool like this one? Well, there are various reasons why it is an appealing option. Below, you will see what stands out about this service.

Preview of Content Before Publishing on a Website

When you publish content on a website, it is out there for everyone to see. Imagine publishing content only to discover that some of the code you have used isn’t correct. The design you expected to see turns out to be something entirely different. You then have to go into editing mode yourself and find where the faults in the markup language are.

With the HTML text program, you have all that done for you before the website content is published. This way, when you finally publish it, everything will be correct. You get to preview how the website looks before it goes live, so you’ll always know that you’ve got the correct codes throughout the HTML.

Preview of an Email Using HTML

Of course, it’s not only usable for websites. The HTML editor also works for sending emails with this markup language used in them. If you do use the HTML Editor provided, then you will always know everything displays properly within the email. As a result, you always know that the recipients of your emails can see the messages you want.

You’ll always get to see the preview of these emails before you send them just by copy-pasting them into the HTML editor itself. Any coding mistakes are then rectified, and you paste them into the draft email to send to as many people as needed.

Quick and Easy Format of any Content

Regardless of the content you create for the internet, you can expect to receive a quick and easy service from this program for checking HTML. That’s important for many people, as the need to publish content to a website as quickly as possible is very much present. The program doesn’t do things by halves, though. The free HTML editor always ensures that all your work is fully valid and of the best quality where coding is concerned.

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Benefits our HTML Editor Brings to You

Should you choose to use this What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) HTML editor, then you’ll be able to experience various benefits from it. Not only does it give you peace of mind that the source code and HTML elements are correct, but you can always expect perfect, inline website content. Here is a look at some other benefits of the WYSIWYG editor.

  • You get a dedicated environment for all your HTML needs, aiding your workflow – The software offers a selection of handy features within the toolbars and dropdowns. Through these, you can swiftly solve any programming issues within your HTML. Furthermore, new features are frequently added to the program every time there is an update to it. Thus, your development journey proceeds at a smoother pace.
  • It’s easy to use, separating your web development workflow from other web application components. There’s nothing worse than using a program that has a difficult interface and makes the whole process you’re trying to achieve unmanageable. Through this editing setup, you get to focus on developing each element singularly, or if you prefer, in parallel with others. Plus, the program can seamlessly integrate with other technologies. 
  • You get to upskill yourself in the web development scene, often learning new coding and web design skills. It’s not uncommon to think that people using editing software like this already have HTML knowledge. Yet that’s not true, nor is it a necessity. WYSIWYG editors like this one help anyone who isn’t technical-minded, so you aren’t getting practical with code, to build powerful websites and add content to them properly. Through it, you can develop your programming knowledge and skillset, including feature-rich sites, as it will guide you through many practices associated with developing websites, putting your knowledge into practice.
  • You benefit from a higher level of productivity and efficiency with your work, always publishing high-quality, valid content. It’s not uncommon to want to improve your productivity level where work is concerned. Adding new features with every update to the software helps with this. We’re all about saving you time and effort while building a better web application for people to use. This way, you’ll benefit from tools such as code auto-completion, grammar checking during text editing, and more. As a result, you maintain a high level of quality as well as an increased flow of work.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Online Editor

If you think you’d like to benefit from what this HTML program provides, then you will need some guidance on how it operates. It’s very simple to get the hang of, so look at the steps below for this tool.

Step 1: Paste Your Content

After you have constructed your web content, you can copy it as normal. Many people utilize programs like Microsoft Word to write their websites, be that in HTML5, standard Word text, or anything else. From there, you need to paste it into the relevant box provided, which will allow it to be analyzed for you. The interface displays the editor on the left and the code on the right, ensuring you can see everything properly. That’s a standard layout for an online code editor of this nature.

Step 2: Format Your Text

The plain text you pasted into the online tool is ready for conversion. This means you can make certain sentences or words bold, italic, underlined, etc. Not only that, but you can insert proper headings in their relevant sizes. Strikethrough, table headers, subscript, image insertion, and other options can also be used in this language. You can then view the result and see if you like it.

Step 3: Export the Content

With everything looking the way you want, you can export it from the rich text you see. This can be done by copying and pasting it into the original document you took it from. Alternatively, you can export it directly to the website creator page, thereby uploading it straight away. You will also save your editor-powered HTML this way. This makes it easier and enables you to create top-quality content. From there, you publish your code, and it is fully usable.

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Common Issues With the Free HTML Tool

While this editor for HTML online doesn’t tend to have problems, certain issues can be common with these editors. Here, we’ll advise you on tackling these problems and ensure you convert documents to HTML as needed. Remember that the program is there to provide HTML code rather than other languages like CSS or JavaScript.

Update Your Browser When Available

If you ever reach a point in the browser you’re using needing an update, ensure you do this as soon as possible. The real-time editing process needs an up-to-date browser to operate properly. Once you update the browser, the tools should work. Ensure you close the browser after updating it before trying the program again.

Use it While Connected to the Internet

It is necessary to have an internet connection when using the rich text editor. Without a connection, you cannot copy and paste your documents into it. The program needs that link to be able to analyze the text you have pasted and turn it into code that is suitable for creating web pages.

Ensuring you’re connected allows you to not only learn faster about everything but you can also use keyboard shortcuts when you use this online HTML editor. If you don’t have a strong connection, then you should always save your HTML at frequent intervals. You can’t view it in a web browser without a good connection.

Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

It is much more ideal to use the real-time online HTML editor with the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. There is no reasoning behind this – it’s just that these two web browsers tend to operate at a high function level with the program. With either of them, you can copy and paste the documents, edit coding, share raw HTML language, and so on. They work to the top level of capabilities for anyone looking to edit their work this way.

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