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Checking over your written work can be an uphill task at times. Yet this is necessary to ensure no spelling errors, grammar problems, etc. It’s also ideal for making use of an online plagiarism checker.

Using one of these will ensure that your work is not replicating anything already online. With a free plagiarism checker, you can ensure your work is 100% original. With our content checker, you can determine if your work plagiarises anything other authors write. The best part is that it’s a free online plagiarism checker.

You need to make sure you’re putting out legitimate and unique content. Plagiarism can result in some serious consequences. Here, you can learn about the best free plagiarism checker, how it works, who can use it, and more.

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Get to Know Our Software

We want you to know everything about our plagiarism-checker-free online tool. That’s why we have gathered all the necessary details on this plagiarism detector. This way, you know what it is, why it’s important, and what you can expect from a free plagiarism check.

Understanding Plagiarism: What Is It?

Plagiarism is the fraudulent representation of another person’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one’s original work. The Cambridge Dictionary defines the following: “The process or practice of using another person’s ideas or work and pretending that it is your own”.

Exploring a Free Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage

A plagiarism checker online is software that you can use to cross-check your written text. It scans through this to check for duplicate content. That can include instances of quoted material or even something that has been paraphrased.

The best plagiarism checker will scan for similarities in wording to ensure you post original content.

You can be certain that your writing is as unique as possible through an online plagiarism checker. It also helps to ensure that writing is correctly cited.

Why You Should Care About Plagiarism Checking

Posting content online that you are passing off as your own is something you should only do if you’re positive it doesn’t copy other people’s work. Using a plagiarism checker for free gives you the best opportunity of completing this.

It doesn’t take long to check for plagiarism in a text. If you aren’t completely certain whether you have quoted a text properly, running it through a plagiarism checker online for free is ideal.

Copying someone’s text in an unethical way is considered theft. As a result, it cannot be considered an original piece of work, and the trustworthiness of the content is highly questionable.

While it is ideal to understand why plagiarism happens, it is much easier to avoid committing such an action. And the best way to do that is using a plagiarism tool checker.

Consequences of Plagiarism

What Happens If You Plagiarize

When it comes to plagiarism, you need to avoid doing it without question. You wouldn’t steal from a shop, bank, or family member, so why would you steal someone else’s written work? Theft is a serious offence, and it can result in you suffering varying consequences if you’re found to have committed it. Using a plagiarism checker for free allows you to avoid it altogether.

Here, we will outline some consequences you can suffer if you plagiarize.

Legal action and fines for plagiarism will vary depending on the offence’s seriousness.

Various prominent journalists, researchers, and even authors have been accused of plagiarism. It would all have been much simpler if they’d used a free online plagiarism checker with percentages, as we provide. In many circumstances, the person committing the offence has had to pay a financial penalty. That is usually paid to their employer or, if a student, to their learning institution.

It also isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility for someone committing plagiarism to be sued. If the original work’s author discovers they have been plagiarised, they can take the offending person or persons to court. This is not usually actionable when it comes to students. Yet, in a professional academic setting, copyright infringement and fraud can become serious issues for the offender.

Protecting Your Reputation: A Big Deal!

Anyone who doesn’t use a percentage plagiarism checker and then submits a piece of work that copies from others will likely have a damaged reputation when found out.

Students who commit plagiarism risk being suspended from school, college, or university. That offence will also likely be included on the student’s record. As a result, other higher education institutions may not accept them in the future. That’s why our plagiarism checker, free for students online, can eliminate any chance of this being the case.

If you’re a professional in the field, then having your reputation ruined would be a big issue. The effects of such could end up being something that haunts you throughout your career. People tend not to forget about criminal acts, especially when you’re someone who is supposed to be operating as a professional. You could end up having difficulties finding another job. Your name could essentially be tarnished through plagiarism.

Anyone who is an academic with a career that centers on research etc. can be greatly affected by this. Using a self-plagiarism checker could be a vital tool in this instance.

The Risk of School Expulsion: Don’t Let It Happen

Our free plagiarism checker for students can stop you from being expelled for copying other people’s work. A first offence at many institutions would result in a suspension, but anything after that would likely lead to expulsion. Any effort, work, money, and time put into your studies would be gone instantly. It’s just not worth risking your future for.

A free plagiarism checker online like ours provides all the necessary help. A quick scan of your text through it can highlight any instances of plagiarism before you submit your work.

How the Plagiarism Checker Works

How Our Free Online Plagiarism Checker Works

When you use a plagiarism software checker, you don’t see what occurs “behind the scenes.” All you need to do is copy and paste your text into the box provided, which offers the online plagiarism checker free for a full document.

This then makes use of advanced database software. That scans for matches from your text and other existing texts. Many universities will already have a free plagiarism checker for teachers to use. They scan assignments from students to ensure they haven’t simply copied and pasted text to try and pass it off as their own.

Further behind the scenes, there will be plagiarism checkers in action, scanning content from the web. This will then be indexed, and your text will be checked against that existing content database. The plagiarism checker software will then highlight exact matches. This occurs via keyword analysis. Non-exact matches may also be highlighted.

You, as the user, then usually get a plagiarism checker percentage on-screen. The plagiarism in question is highlighted, and so too, are the sources. This is generally how all plagiarism checker sites operate, including ours.

The Magic Behind Our Software: Algorithms Unveiled

One thing to note about a plagiarism checker tool is that it isn’t capable of actually identifying plagiarism in specific. That’s not something that any software can determine. Our software is no different in this respect. Instead, it identifies similarities between written content. This is when it checks that content against the database it has already indexed.

You could therefore look upon a per cent plagiarism checker as being a content-match checker instead. It is those content comparison algorithms that help educators in assisting students with sourcing and using information properly.

Knowing the Boundaries: Limits of Our Tool

It would be common to consider what limitations a tool of this nature would have. If it doesn’t detect plagiarism, then isn’t that a limitation? Well, it’s not, as it happens. Our online plagiarism checker-free tool aims to detect content matches. This can then lead to you seeing the similarities and potentially noting instances of plagiarism yourself.

Thus, our software has no limitations on the whole. It is free to use and works in an ideal way as an SEO plagiarism checker, Google plagiarism checker, and so on.

It is important to note that the only slight limitation imposed is the inclusion of CAPTCHAs. If you submit too many text checks quickly, you may need to complete one or more CAPTCHAs. This helps to stop the interference of bots in our code plagiarism checker.

Important Features

Key Features That Make Our Tool Stand Out

There are various important features to notice in our free plagiarism checker with percentage results. You can learn more about these features below, which provide more reasons to use the tool. It includes a selection of benefits that allow you to check plagiarism levels and get the most out of it.

Spot-On Results: Checking Accuracy Matters

You will receive highly accurate results when you use our plagiarism detection tool. The text is evaluated against a mass of those already online. You’ll then see the results of the plagiarism checker in percentage. The higher that percentage is, the closer you are to committing plagiarism with your text.

The results will show exact content matches and near-match sections. You can then take the results of the plagiarism detector and modify the text appropriately. All instances of potential plagiarism will be highlighted, ensuring you get an accurate result.

Lightning-Fast Verification Speed

You may be questioning how long it takes to check plagiarism free with our tool. Well, we can confirm that it is almost instant. The software operates quickly, cross-checking everything in your text against the indexed text database. Thus, you don’t have to wait around and do something else, which is to check plagiarism content. Instead, the outcome of the plagiarism checker by percentage will display quickly.

This means you can make the necessary changes to your text as soon as possible. Using easy, quick, and free essay plagiarism checker tools are always ideal. That’s exactly what you get with our plagiarism scanner.

Easy Access for Everyone

The most accurate plagiarism checker tools should be accessible via numerous methods. You don’t have to fire up a computer to use its functions. You can use our plagiarism checker via desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. It’s perfectly mobile, allowing you to check for accidental plagiarism wherever you are.

It’s also absolutely free through all of these methods, too. The plagiarism percentage checker requires you to visit the site, copy and paste the relevant text into the box, and hey presto! That’s all there is to it. Anyone can check plagiarism online this way.

Areas for Plagiarism Checks

Where You Can Use Our Plagiarism Checker

So, who would get the most use out of the best free plagiarism checker online? There are several areas where there would be a need to check for plagiarism in texts. Below, we highlight these areas and give some advice on why our tool is ideal for them.

Plagiarism Checker for Students: Your Academic Guardian

Our plagiarism checker is free for students to use when constructing texts. It is ideal to utilize when it comes to writing essays. Large written content batches can be copied, pasted, and checked for plagiarism-free. The fact that we offer an essay checker for plagiarism free makes it a great option for students. After all, they don’t tend to be the demographic that is most flush with cash.

We all know that essays tend to be long-winded. This can lead to very unintentional plagiarism taking place. So, using the essay checker for plagiarism for free helps out. Students can ensure they aren’t submitting text to a tutor matching an online text. Thus, it helps with the writing process in general.

Plagiarism Checker for Journalists: Keeping Integrity in Reporting

Journalists spend a large portion of their time creating online content. There are many web pages already online that feature the work of journalists. Of course, publishing plagiarized content would be highly detrimental to a journalist. Everything they create needs to be authentic and original. Using the best plagiarism checker for free is a great way to do this.

A journalist is a professional in the field. So, if they use plagiarized content, they can be heavily penalized for it. Most countries have strict copyright protection laws in place. So, using a plagiarism tool is the best route before publishing anything.

Plagiarism Checker for Copywriters: Safeguarding Originality

Anyone who considers themself a professional writer should use a plagiarism detector tool. They’ll also likely use a plagiarism checker for grammar alongside. A copywriter needs content to look inviting, read properly, and not match anything online. This should all occur before they submit their work to an editor or onwards to a client. Someone else’s work should never make it into a professional’s text.

Like students using it on an essay as a plagiarism checker for free, journalists should copy and paste any of their work into such in the same way. A copyright checker of this nature always fantastically serves journalists and copywriters. No one ever appreciates plagiarized work. Yet even less so from a so-called professional writer.

Plagiarism Checker for SEO: Content Integrity for Websites

It’s not all about checking the main body of your text, either. Online search engines like Google or Yahoo put texts through plagiarism checking. They won’t accept something that matches another person’s work. This is why it is important to check it all yourself beforehand. That includes a plagiarism checker on SEO.

This caters to search engine optimization, helping your text become one of the results provided by the search engine. Our tool will highlight this when accidental plagiarism occurs – even regarding SEO content. You can adjust the SEO text from the plagiarism report provided to make it more original. And again, it’s completely free to use.

Use of Users' Content

Your Content Matters: How We Handle It

It would be quite common for people who use online sites for such to question how their submitted text is stored. Plus, users want to protect themselves against third parties when uploading a file to be checked or copied and pasted. Here, we will provide some further information on the user of user content via our citation machine plagiarism checker.

Keeping Your Submitted Content Safe and Secure

When you go through a plagiarism search, the anti-plagiarism software doesn’t store the content submitted. It scans over it to provide a comprehensive plagiarism score, highlights the sections that are exact or near-exact matches, and then the rest is up to you. After you complete the plagiarism test, you make the adjustments, and the checker dismisses the text. That’s the same whether you copy and paste or upload file texts.

After you leave the website, the content disappears along with it. We don’t store anything that you submit for a plagiarism check.

Privacy Matters: Your Anonymity Guaranteed

Whether you’re using our software as an essay plagiarism checker while a student or if you’re using it as a journalist/copywriter, you remain anonymous. We don’t request any of your personal information, nor is it needed to use the plagiarism detector service. Copy and paste the text into the box or upload a specific file with the written text. Plagiarism detection then takes place, and nobody knows it was you who did it.

Always Accessible: Availability of Our Software

Not everyone will be looking to use a plagiarism scanner from a computer. Some people may want to go through a plagiarism check while on the move. That is very much possible with our plagiarism checker and rewriter. The free version is available through both of these options.

Plagiarism Checker for Computers: Desktop Convenience

Using a computer at home or work, you can easily visit our website to use the similarity checker. It detects plagiarism for you quickly and effectively through a computer. Proceed with pasting your text into the box provided, and it will check for plagiarism automatically after clicking the “Check” button.

One other thing to mention is that there is a WordPress plugin that you can utilize provided by other companies. This adds the duplicate checker to WordPress, ensuring it can check the text while you write through the program.

Plagiarism Checker for Mobile: On-the-Go Integrity

Smartphones and tablets today tend to have internet access on them. Our tool automatically adapts to the dimensions of your mobile screen, allowing for a user-friendly interface. You can then proceed with the duplication checker in the standard way. Duplicate content will then easily be displayed. It remains a simple and effective way of checking for plagiarized content, maintaining academic integrity, or not going against your journalistic ethics.

Other Plagiarism Checkers We Suggest

Explore Other Recommended Plagiarism Checkers

Our tool is not the only one that is available to use online for accurate results. You can check research papers, academic writing, and other plagiarism tools. A good plagiarism checker for students is Grammarly, which also offers to check for plagiarism free. The Enago plagiarism checker is another one, as it also has an integrated grammar checker. You can also benefit from the Google Docs plagiarism checker if you’re using it.

We also recommend using any of the following options for plagiarism detection – SmallSEOTools, DupliChecker, Quetext, Scribbr, Turnitin, or Unicheck. Anyone writing academic papers will find them to be excellent options. Some of these tools can also generate machine-written text, which you can identify using an AI detector.

Other options to check for plagiarism include ProWritingAid, Viper, Compilatio, PlagScan, and Pre-Post SEO.

Got a Problem with Our Tool? Let Us Know!

You can easily contact us if you experience problems with our plagiarism and copyright checker. This is also possible if you believe it has flagged up plagiarism detected and you don’t agree with it. After you check for plagiarism, we will check for any faults with the software, mistakes made, and so on.

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