WordAi Reviews: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Surely you are looking for a tool that allows you to improve the performance you have when it comes to generating your content. Either to upload posts to your blog faster, to have more ideas when writing your articles, or simply, you don’t have the time or the desire to do all the work you need.

In these cases, there are many options you can resort to, from applications that make use of artificial intelligence (AI), to resources with a large database to speed up your tasks. We will focus on WordAi, which is a rewriter tool that seeks to facilitate the creation of content and improve performance when it comes to improving texts.

Therefore, we present this WordAi review, where we will highlight all its qualities in detail, to analyze and study all the features and give a clear and objective opinion.

WordAi article rewriting tool reviews

What is WordAi?

In a few words, WordAi is a software that serves as an article rewriter, or, in the same way, as a text paraphraser. As it says, its main function is to take an already written article and adapt it so that it has the same meaning or the same basic idea but changes the way it is expressed. It is like having a synonyms tool but with more functionalities.

This type of tool can fulfill different functions for the user, regardless of whether he/she is an independent person or a company with numerous employees.

First, it helps to combat the lack of ideas when it comes to writing, which attacks many users when the backlog of work to be done is very large, generating new sentences and paragraphs that give free rein to creativity.

WordAi also helps when it comes to needing original content that cannot be detected as plagiarism. This, to rank in Google, is fundamental, and is a key point for anyone interested in the SEO of their website or business.

Or, on the other hand, it can completely facilitate the work, if the amount of content to be done is very large, and you are looking for a way to automate processes and reduce the burden of tasks.

These are all functions that WordAi performs and that we will see more in-depth during this article. You can also find out more about this tool on its official website: https://wordai.com/

WordAi Features

WordAi, besides being an AI rewriter, provides specific features that promise to make your text the best possible version.

WordAi Text Rewriter Main Features
  • Sentence Restructuring: WordAi understand the meaning of a complete sentence, and restructure it in such a way that it writes it differently, but keeping the idea that you want to express with it.
  • Text Enricher: By understanding every word in the text, this software can optimize sentences to obtain a higher quality paragraph, using synonyms and words that better fit the idea.
  • Eliminates spelling errors: When a file is being analyzed by this program, it automatically identifies any spelling and grammatical errors to provide an optimal result.
  • No duplicate content: As WordAi is an Ai text rewriter, having multiple ways of expressing similar ideas, it creates a piece of writing with content that is original and cannot be detected as plagiarism.
  • Response time: One of the greatest qualities offered by this software is the ability to improve writing performance, increasing by up to 10 times the speed with which texts are obtained.
  • Avoid detection of AI content: It also promises to overcome the detectors of content generated by artificial intelligence, humanizing each of the writings it improves.
  • Control rewrite freedom: WordAi offers different levels of rewrite freedom for your texts. From conservative, regular, or adventurous, you can adjust the level of freedom you give the software to be completely faithful to the original wording or be creative enough to offer new ways of approaching the topic.
  • Multiple rewrites at once: In addition, to optimize the time and efficiency with which it works, you can perform hundreds of rewrites at a time, to get the best possible result from each text.

WordAi Plans and Pricing

To use this rewriter tool, you have 3 different plans available, either for independent use or for your company.

WordAi Plans and Pricing

You can purchase the monthly plan, which currently costs $57 per month, and has access to all the features of the software for that month.

There is the annual plan, which has the same features as the monthly plan, with the difference that the cost per month would be $27. That is, you get a discount of almost 50% if you make a payment for a whole year.

And finally, there is the Enterprise plan, which is ideal for massive use in a company or for multiple accounts. Its cost varies and for this, you must contact the responsible personnel directly.

In addition to the different plans, WordAi offers a 3-day free trial for a monthly or yearly plan, which will allow you to test the software before making the payment. It even offers a 100% refund of the payment, during the first 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the results, and you have rewritten less than 10 texts.

More info at: https://wordai.com/

How to Use WordAi?

To use WordAi efficiently, it is necessary to complement it with the use of other tools or, failing that, with previous work. That is to say, the fundamental use of this software is that of article rewriter, so it is necessary to have the texts to be restructured. To do this, you can use other text creation and writing programs, or take the time to write at least the basic ideas of the text you need.

Once you have the article, you can use some of the options offered by this software according to your needs, which we will explain below:

– Interface

The interface of the WordAi website is very simple and intuitive, it consists of a main page, where you can access the 2 main functions of this software, which are to rewrite an article or avoid AI detection.

WordAi User Interface

It has a side menu on the left side of the site, where you get all the available functionalities, an option to configure the way you want the rewrites, information about the use of the program, a section to access a help center, and the affiliation section to get your referral link and the conditions of the referral.

– Rewrite articles

To start rewriting articles, you must select this section in the left menu. There you will find a box where you can paste, or write, the text you want to rewrite. You can also import an article from Article Forge, which is a content generator with AI, with which you can complement the use of wordAI.

WordAi Article Rewriter Tool

You must select the number of rewrites you want, there is the option from 1 to more than 4 (which has a limit of up to 1000 rewrites simultaneously for the same text). And finally, you must choose the level of rewrite freedom you give to the software.

The closer the bar is to “more conservative”, the closer the rewriting will be to the original text, varying some words, and inverting some sentences, without altering it to a great extent. Therefore, the closer it is to “more adventurous”, the more freedom the software will have on the changes it can make, without changing the main purpose of the text.

Below you will have indicated the estimated time it will take to give a result, and, just select “rewrite”, wait, and you will have on-screen what you have asked for.

– Avoid AI detection

To avoid AI detection, you must select the option “avoid AI detection” in the left menu.

WordAi Avoid AI Detection Tool

Here, you will find only a box, where you have to paste the text you have decided to use and adjust the level of changes the software can make. WordAi will take care of humanizing the content by altering phrases and words so that it looks like it was written by a person.

If you choose “change less”, you will be allowed to change only the minimum to have a result that will not be detected, on the other hand, the closer you choose “change more”, the more modifications there will be in the text, and, therefore, the more original the content will be.

Once you select “avoid AI detection”, wait a few seconds and the program will launch the new text with more human content and without traces of AI use.

– Bulk rewrite articles

For cases where you have many articles to rewrite, and you are looking for the highest possible efficiency, you can look for the “bulk rewrite articles” option in the left menu.

Bulk rewriter of WordAi

Here, to upload several files at the same time, you have 2 options. You can do it by grouping them in a .zip file, or .csv format. For wordAi to be able to read the articles in the .zip file, they must be in .txt format. And, for the .csv file, it must be presented as a table of 2 columns, where the first one corresponds to the name of the file, and the second one, to the article to be rewritten.

Once you have the file ready, you must upload the file in the button that indicates it, and select the number of times you want each article to be rewritten. Also, indicate the level of rewrite you want, and press “rewrite”.

– Using the API Key of WordAi

To speed up the efficiency with which you work, WordAi offers an API key, with which you can improve the interaction you have with the software. Basically, with this API, you can get rewritten articles directly into your blog or web page, just by pressing a few buttons.

Using the Api Key of WordAi

To get your API key, you must look for the “API” option in the left menu, and there you will find the code to access this functionality.

The wordAi page explains some examples of results you can get this way, and how to configure the request to return the rewrites.

-Is WordAi detectable?

For this point, we decided to do 2 tests to determine the reliability of WordAi. We created a random text using ChatGPT, and we used this same text written without artificial intelligence to analyze the results.

In the first case, it was a text of approximately 400 words, which talked about how animals communicate. We immediately ran the text through the rewriter tool and then analyzed the result.

Testing WordAi Article Rewriter Tool

When we used the grammar checker, it showed us that the text had some spelling mistakes, such as missing commas, and some misused prepositions, which can be annoying for some users.

Then, it was passed through a plagiarism detector, in the result gave us 5% duplicate text, which corresponded to a small, somewhat general sentence, that can easily be modified.

Finally, we ran the text through the “avoid AI detection” section and then tested an AI detector, which gave us that it had a 7% chance of being written by an AI, which tells us that it was not infallible in this aspect.

For the second test in which we used a fragment of this text, the result was somewhat different, since, once we passed it through the rewriter tool, we did the same procedure and analyzed.

In the grammatical error detector, it did not show any flaws. In the plagiarism detector, it indicated 100% originality. And, after running it through “avoid AI detection”, the final result was that it had a 0.03% chance of being written by an AI, which makes sense, given the way it was written.

– WordAi Support Service

In a completely necessary way, WordAI offers a help center from the same platform, where you can consult, get advice, or ask for information about any inconvenience you may have.

From the platform, you are directly invited to check sections of doubts about the account and subscription, about the affiliation program, or about the features that the software offers. Each of these sections has a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

And, if you have an even more specific problem, you can submit a request and wait for it to be answered. However, due to lack of time, we were not able to check the time and efficiency of the answers they gave.

WordAi User Reviews

The truth is, that the WordAi reviews left by different users on multiple websites are very varied, and seem to touch on opposite points for each one, which makes it difficult to have an accurate opinion of other people’s experiences. For example, some have been completely satisfied with the results that this rewriter tool offers them, leaving reviews like the following:

Positive User review of WordAi

This is not the case for other users, who complain that some of the results are not original content and that the price seems too expensive compared to other tools:

Negative User review of WordAi

My experience and opinion testing this tool is remarkably positive, at least for the texts I have used. If you want to draw your own conclusions, I recommend you to use the WordAi free trial.

What Are the Best Alternatives to WordAI?

On the Internet, there is an infinite number of sites that can rewrite complete texts, just like wordAI does, some with better or worse results, and with a variety of prices as well. These are just some of them:

Paraphrasing tool: This tool, which you can access by following this link: www.paraphrasing.io, is a great alternative to WordAI. It stands out for having a free version that you can use without any problem if you don’t mind the recurring advertising. But it also has Premium versions, to improve the user experience.

Paraphrasing tool, like WordAI, uses artificial intelligence to rewrite texts in the best possible way, allowing you to choose the type of tone you want to use and also providing suggestions that can improve the final article.

Smoding: Smoding.io is another tool you can use to improve the texts you already have. This, like paraphrasing too, has a free version that can be accessed by any user, along with a paid version, with more features.

With Smoding, you can nourish your writing with new and high-quality content, maintaining the way it is structured and coherent. In this way, you can obtain original material with very good results.

Quilbot: Quilbot.com is a text tool that works perfectly by modifying texts, and alternating the order of sentences and words. It is convenient and useful to use while providing a satisfactory result of writing that you can use.

It has acceptable prices for the functions it offers, and, in addition to modifying an article, it also includes a grammar checker and 7 types of results you can create.

Spin Rewriter: This is an option very similar to WordAI, which you can access through this link: spinrewriter.com. It handles similar price ranges and has equally effective functions. For example, the option to perform multiple restructurings simultaneously, to get the best result for a single text.

In addition, it also has a Stock media, which you can use for your articles, and the option to publish directly on your website, through an API. Undoubtedly, a spin rewriter can be a good alternative to an AI rewriter.


As we were able to highlight in this article, WordAI has very useful features that can greatly increase the performance of our work. From an individual working on his personal computer, or a group of people working for a company, everyone can be able to use this tool comfortably.

However, depending on what you need, WordAI can be more or less useful. Ideally, from our point of view, it should be used to rewrite and restructure articles and texts that are not too long, because, as we noticed, having some spelling errors, or giving results with a certain percentage of duplicate content, can be burdensome to correct and accommodate each of the texts.

However, it can be fine for simple and specific jobs, which do not involve a very precise rewrite. In addition, bulk rewrite articles can be of great help if the number of texts to be analyzed is very large. Therefore, we will leave you with the pros and cons of this article rewriting tool, and let you make a personal opinion on whether you should pay for a plan of this software.

WordAi Pros

  • Something very positive is the ability to do multiple rewrites simultaneously, which can get out of trouble on many occasions and facilitate the work considerably.
  • It has a 3-day free trial, perfect for testing the software in depth before subscribing to a plan.
  • It keeps faithfully the meaning of the text it rewrites, totally modifying the order and even the words it uses.
  • It is intuitive and easy to use in all its functions.
  • The integration option with other platforms is very useful and safe to use.

WordAi Cons

  • You can find on the Internet tools that, like WordAi, offer text rewriting, and they have free versions that you can use without any problem. Ideal if the demands of your texts are not too high.
  • The results with spelling errors, or that do not completely pass the AI content check, leave something to be desired, and do not generate confidence for important jobs.
  • Although it was not something that we were able to verify, on the internet you can find many reviews expressing that they do not receive a response from the help center when they have a problem.
  • Although there are tools with a price range similar to WordAi, you can also get better results, by spending less.

Remember that you can try WordAi for free thanks to the free trial period available on the website https://wordai.com/

So much for our review of WordAi. On our website you can find more analyses such as this one, for example this review of ClickMagick, one of the most powerful link tracking tools available today.

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