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You need to use a good spelling and grammar checker if you have any doubts about the language you have used when writing an article, a post, an email, an essay, a letter, documents, or anything else.

Check your text with this online spell checker. Any grammar mistakes you have made or grammar suggestions for altering the writing to flow better will be highlighted. Just click on any of the corrections to transform them into something different. We will also explain the grammar mistakes so that you understand where you have gone wrong.

Spelling and grammar are essential parts of communication, especially when writing professionally. So, if you want to ensure you create and post good content, you are in the right place.

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Table of Contents

Why Bother Using a Grammar Checker?

So, why should you even take the time to check your text for errors? Why does it matter if the person receiving the information understands it?

A professional message or article is far more likely to impress people than something substandard. Therefore, correct spelling and grammar are essential for this. A reliable grammar checker will catch any words you have misspelt and provide you with a list of advanced suggestions for changing them. You can then choose which word should be included in the sentence to read correctly.

At the same time, your grammar needs checking to ensure all your sentences flow correctly. It is easy to omit sentences or use incorrect verbs, prepositions, adverbs, etc.

A content grammar checker will offer to restructure your sentences to make sense. By following a set of grammatical rules for forming words and arranging them in a sentence correctly, the reader can understand the meaning of what you are conveying to them.

Psychologists have discovered that when we work with computers, it is often the case that we become victims of cognitive issues – complacency and bias. These grammar issues can affect our performance, leading to mistakes in our written content. Many of us use grammar checker online software with a spellchecker already integrated.

Technology like this can lull us into a false sense of security, and our complacency leads us to believe that a computer is always right. We have become less proficient at proofreading as a result. If a spelling and grammar program runs, we become less vigilant in looking at the text ourselves.

Yet it is the case that you, as the writer, must be quite good at spelling and reading if you want to utilize a spellchecker most effectively. Automatic spellcheckers tend to list alternative words if you have misspelt something. But there is always the chance that you will miss this or have used the correct term in the wrong context.

Therefore, a secondary automatic spelling and grammar checker is an ideal route.

Kind of Errors Our English and Tagalog Grammar Checker Corrects

What Kinds of Errors Does Our Grammar Checker Fix?

Knowing the type of service, you can get from software like spellcheck online is essential. While many looks at the spelling mistake and sentence structure you have used, our Corrector App program help you in various other areas.

Using it will ensure that your text flows appropriately, does not include misspelt words, has the proper punctuation, and more. Look at the grammatical errors you can expect to see when utilizing this spelling and grammar errors checker.

Spell Nail Those Pesky Spelling Blunders

Misspellings in written text stand out as one of the most frequent spelling mistakes. Our free spelling checkers service will locate these grammar errors and highlight them. It is then your choice to decide upon the word used there.

Such errors may not always stand out to you when reading your text, which is why it is ideal for software to note them. This way, you can see the word spelt adequately and use it. No more searches on Google for “check my grammar software”. Use our free punctuation checker and correct punctuation and typos right now.

Tackle Tricky Grammar Slip-Ups

A grammar check navigates through each sentence within a text and then looks up each word in the spell check dictionaries. It then tries to analyze the sentence to ensure it is in a form that matches formal grammar. Our software can then detect potential spelling errors.

This includes whether or not it agrees with the proper grammar tense, the word order within the sentence, and so on. The correct grammar checker can also discover some stylistic issues within the text. Through this, the aim is to ensure your sentences flow in the best way possible.

Punctuation Pitfalls? We Got You

Punctuation inconsistencies were checked in the earliest grammar checkers rather than users being provided with a complete selection of possible grammatical issues. Today, you will find a punctuation checker being utilized alongside our grammar check free online service through our service.

This looks into whether or not you have used full stops, commas, apostrophes, semi-colons, subject-verb agreement, and more in the correct way. A punctuation corrector is also necessary for sentences to flow correctly, informing the reader when to pause, whether a word is possessive or not, and more.

Handy Word Suggestions

Sometimes, it may be the case that you have used the incorrect word in a sentence. By that, we mean that the word you have selected is spelt correctly and used correctly, but it doesn’t fit in with the sentence and message you are trying to convey.

Therefore, our software will recommend selecting other words that fit the sentence, potentially highlighting what would make it flow and sound better. Sometimes, you will receive only a few spelling suggestions; other times, several terms will be offered as alternatives. It is up to you which you utilize or if you choose to stick with the original word you typed.

Spot AI-Generated Typos Like a Pro

With the emergence of content created by GPT Chat and artificial intelligence, it is increasingly important to look for and correct grammatical errors in these texts. can help you identify the errors generated by these programs and correct them within seconds.

You can also use our popular, reliable and 100% Free AI Content Detector (ChatGPT, GPT-4 and other AI content generation systems). It is a useful online software to help you detect fake or AI-generated content without human intervention.

Making sure you publish error-free texts, even if artificially created, is very important and will help you gain readers’ credibility, even if real people did not write a text. To begin, copy the text created by AI into the text area and click the button to locate any errors!

How to Make the Most of Our Proofreader?

While some people check their written text manually, this can be very time-consuming if you have a long piece to read. That’s why using an online checker for proofreading purposes, such as our Corrector App, is ideal. The process can be completed within seconds, with automatic grammar checking, punctuation, and grammar being analyzed.

Using our free spelling and custom grammar mistakes checker, you will control a fantastic, helpful grammar corrector online tool. Thousands of words will be checked in milliseconds, with the results of the check being rapidly displayed to you. Any corrections you need to make can then be done, and there’s no waiting around. This solution was created for anyone looking to quickly provide high-quality, professional text.

So, how do you use our basic spelling and grammar checker? Follow the steps noted below:

  1. Finish writing or open the text you wish to check the spelling and grammar with us.
  2. Please select a specific area or the whole text, and copy it using CTRL + C.
  3. Paste the text into our checker with the CTRL + V command.
  4. Click on the ‘Check Text’ button to run the analysis.
  5. Once completed, all mistakes will be highlighted in red. You can then click on them to suggest the corrections to make.
  6. Punctuation and other minor errors will be highlighted in yellow colour.
  7. Make your word correction necessary before copying and pasting it into your word processing program.
  8. Save the corrected text.

Guess What? Corrector App is Totally Free!

It has become common for some software creators to request their users to pay money for spelling and grammar-checking services. We don’t believe in this; everyone should benefit from a free grammar and punctuation checker and Corrector. That’s why we have made the Corrector App Grammar Checker Free for anyone to access and use.

The spell checker doesn’t require registering an account to use it. This is another standard route for some brands to take with basic spell checkers. Once again, though, we do not align with this at Corrector App. You only need to load our website up and use the service.

Corrector App Grammar Checker Online Supported Languages

Corrector App’s Language Superpowers

While English is one of the prime languages that Corrector App supports, it goes way beyond this. Our software provides spelling and online grammar check tools in over 27 languages. It’s basically like Grammarly, but much, much bigger! In this respect, it can be considered an international spell checker. Other languages utilize different grammar, punctuation, and so on. Therefore, it is ideal for those writers who construct the text in different languages to use our services.

Using some of the most advanced technologies, including HTML, PHP and JavaScript, the Corrector App can be used with all browsers with each supported language. It is the best and most convenient tool for personal and professional use.

English Grammar Guru

English is an international language used in several countries around the world. And at the same time, the English language has multiple variants in operation, depending upon where it is used. US English is different to British English, for example. But our software has been adapted to cater to each other language variants.

This way, if you are formal writing in American English, you will check it with the Corrector App without fear of British English language corrections being highlighted. And vice versa.

If this is the first time you have used an online correction tool like this, you are about to experience something extraordinary. Forget about all the manual proofreading and checking because the English Corrector App is about to save you a lot of time with its valuable analysis and corrections.

Check the Grammar of Your US English Texts

It is essential to note the differences between US English and other forms of the English language. It is not uncommon for some companies to want to see texts written in native versions of English, which is why the Corrector App is set up to analyze American English instead of Australian English.

You can easily select which form of English you use in your text and then have our software analyze this for you, providing English correction services.

Therefore, if you use the American English grammar checker online, you will see the results and any mistakes highlighted about this variant.

FOR EXAMPLE, the US English language has considerable differences from British English or Pakistani English. And this is why it needs its section within the Corrector App. Through this, you do not need to worry about being given corrections in British English if you write in American English.

Perfect Indian English Writing

There are so many languages spoken throughout India, with two of them being considered official languages. Included within that collection of official languages is English, a language alongside Hindi. And despite the country not assigning any status to a language to be its native one, Hindi and English serve as the two most utilized.

English has spread throughout India since British colonial times, with the language used for governance, business, and education. This sees it used by the Indian government for communication purposes, alongside Hindi, as enshrined within the Constitution.

Because it is an official language in seven Indian states and five Union Territories, it is ideal for a grammar checker English tool to cater to this. Corrector App provides this service, allowing anyone utilizing Indian English to ensure correct spelling and grammar.

  • Native Speakers: 194.086.968
  • Total Population: 1.352.642.280

Polish Your Pakistani English

Like India, many languages are spoken in Pakistan – over 60, to be precise. This includes several local languages. Pakistan’s national language is Urdu, which is spoken and understood by more than 75% of Pakistani people. Other prominent languages include Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Saraiki and Balochi.

While Urdu is the country’s national language, it has been proposed that English to be the co-official language used there. This also comes from British colonialism, with English widely used in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. To some extent, it is also utilized in officer ranks of the Pakistani armed forces.

The country’s laws and constitutions were written in English, and Pakistani English is used in schools, colleges, and universities.

For apparent reasons first recognized and designated in the 1970s and 80s, Pakistani English is very similar to British English (and Indian English). Yet it differs slightly from other dialects of English concerning its vocabulary, syntax, and spellings of certain words. And even though it cannot be said that this variant of English is a common native language in Pakistan, its usage is increasing. This is why Corrector App provides spelling and basic grammar checks for users of this English variant.

  • Native Speakers: 102.312.073
  • Total Population: 208.800.150

Refine Your Philippine English Spelling

The Philippines has 186 individual languages attributed to it, with 182 living languages. Filipino and English are the official languages of the country. These are utilized in government, education, print, broadcast media, and business. The Philippine Constitution promotes Spanish and Arabic, so perhaps using our Spanish spell check and an online editor will also be helpful.

The first exposure of English to Filipinos took place in 1762. English became, and remains, an official language only during American rule between 1898 and 1946. It has a lot of similarities to American English; for that reason, being taught in schools alongside the other official language of Filipino (also known as Tagalog).

Because the Philippines is highly multilingual, language alternation occurs frequently. This includes Taglish – Tagalog-infused English – and Bislish – English combined with any Bisayan languages). For spelling and grammar checking, though, Corrector App utilizes Philippine English. Through this, our software can readily analyze anything written in this language.

  • Native Speakers: 64.025.890
  • Total Population: 110.000.000

Perfect Indian English Writing

If you have ever wondered about countries with many languages, you only need to focus on Nigeria. Five hundred twenty-one languages have been spoken in the country, with just nine of those now being extinct languages. Many ethnic groups in Nigeria speak more than one language, too.

English is Nigeria’s official language, which was chosen to facilitate the country’s cultural and linguistic unity. Naturally, this came about due to the influence of British colonization, which ended in 1960. Because the variation of English used is based on British English, it resembles this more closely than other variants.

It is this version of Nigerian English that the Corrector App also uses. So, anything written in such can be analyzed in this format by our software. Various loanwords and collocations from the native languages of Nigeria are also used to express certain concepts specific to the country’s culture.

  • Native Speakers: 178.198.040
  • Total Population: 206.200.000

Conquer UK English Spelling

The English language spoken and written in England encompasses many accents and dialects. These form part of the broader variant known as British English and several other varieties utilized in the United Kingdom. British English usually refers to the English language used in England, Scotland, and Wales.

As is expected, the de facto official language of the United Kingdom is English. About 95% of the country’s population is considered monolingual English speakers. And while the government also has three indigenous Celtic languages in use – Welsh, Irish, and Scottish Gaelic – English remains the citizens’ primary and official language.

Our UK English spell checker can provide you with details of proper spelling and grammar in British English. This differs significantly from the language used in the United States of America, for example, with multiple words spelt differently. Therefore, if you need to submit something written in the original English variant, Corrector App can provide its services to you.

  • Native Speakers: 62.912.000
  • Total Population: 64.000.000

Canadian English Grammar Wizard

While many languages are used in Canada, English and French are the official languages, and 56% and 21% of Canadians are mother tongues. English is the dominant language throughout the country, although most speakers utilize French as their native language within Quebec.

Canadian English features significant elements of both British and American English and incorporates some uniquely Canadian characteristics, too. It tends to lean a bit closer to the US version of English. Standard Canadian English varies slightly from Central Canada to British Columbia within Canada.

The Corrector App’s spelling and grammar will be analyzed and corrected in Standard Canadian English. Therefore, if you have written work in this language variation, you can use our Canadian English grammar checker to ensure everything flows appropriately for a Canadian audience.

  • Native Speakers: 30.480.750
  • Total Population: 37.138.500

Excel in Australian English

Australia does not have a language that is deemed as its official one. Despite this, English is the de facto national language, and the variety spoken there has a distinctive accent and lexicon. It differs slightly from other types of English in terms of both grammar and spelling. This is why it is ideal for you to use the Corrector App Australian English service. It perfectly serves written text in this variation of language.

English is the first language and the majority of the population of Australia. It also operates as the primary language used in compulsory education and federal, state, and territorial legislatures and courts.

Australian English began to diverge from British and Irish English after the First Fleet established the Colony of New South Wales in 1788. It emerged from merging early settlers from different dialectal regions of Great Britain and Ireland. This was reflected in the language’s written version, with various noticeable differences in grammar and spelling.

Even if you are not a professional writer and your writing style is pretty simple, Corrector App is one of the best tools to help you.

  • Native Speakers: 21.715.910
  • Total Population: 23.401.892

Ace New Zealand English Grammar

English is the predominant language spoken and written in New Zealand, with over 95% of the population using such. New Zealand English has many similarities to Australian English, but the main differences between New Zealand English and other dialects are the shifts in the short front vowels. Following the Second World War, the native Māori were discouraged from speaking their language in schools and workplaces when English took over a significant portion of the country.

You can use this tool to improve your writing skills by analyzing your mistakes, finding punctuation mistakes and becoming a professional writer.

The Corrector App utilizes new Zealand English to check your spelling and grammar. This is, of course, because English is the first language of most of the population. Established in the country by colonists in the 19th century, the varieties of English that had the most significant influence on the development of New Zealand English were Australian English and Southern England English. Yet the Māori language of the indigenous people is also a source of vocabulary, with different words not found in other variations of English.

Using the Corrector App will allow you to have your New Zealand English grammar and spelling checked thoroughly. This features proper software to determine the excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation related to the dialect.

  • Native Speakers: 4.181.902
  • Total Population: 4.275.100

Navigate Irish English Fluently

Irish English, also known as Hiberno-English, refers to English dialects natively written and spoken within Ireland, including the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Old English was brought to the country due to Anglo-Norman invasions in the late 12th century. Additional raids and attacks occurred throughout the centuries, leading to today’s Irish English dialect, used to check grammar online with the Corrector App.

There are two official languages of the Republic of Ireland: Irish and English. Since the late eighteenth century, English has been the predominant first language, displacing Irish. On the other hand, Northern Ireland has no official language, but English serves as the de facto official language of the United Kingdom, of which Northern Ireland is a part.

Various British citizens also live in the Republic of Ireland, and different English speakers from the United States of America and Nigeria. This means that the country incorporates multiple dialects of English. Our software uses the Corrector App to analyse grammar and spelling in standard Irish English.

  • Native Speakers: 4.934.692
  • Total Population: 4.995.134

Spellcheck Singaporean English with Precision

Singapore is a small country located in South East Asia, but it still has four main official languages. English is one of these, alongside Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. English is the lingua franca, primarily used in business, government, law, and education. The country’s Constitution and government legislation are written in English, with statutory corporations also conducting their business in English.

Singapore English is very similar to and related to British English. Two primary forms of English are spoken in the country: Standard Singapore English and Singapore Colloquial English (which also goes by Singlish). Due to its strong connection with British English, when in written form, Singapore English utilizes all of the exact spellings and grammar as its Western friend.

Singlish, the creole used in the country, was something the government tried to replace with Standard English in 2000 via the Speak Good English Movement. Our free grammar checker online is concerned with Standard Singapore English in operation. Therefore, you will text-check your written content about this.

  • Native Speakers: 4.218.737
  • Total Population: 5.607.300

Polish South African Grammar Skills

In total, South Africa has 11 official languages in use. Alongside English, the others noted include Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Pedi, Tswana, Southern Sotho, Tsonga, Swazi, Venda, and Southern Ndebele. While all those languages are formally equal, some are spoken by the population more than others. In that order, the three most-spoken languages in South Africa are Zulu, Xhosa, and Afrikaans.

South African English is recognized as commerce and science but ranks fourth among the most-spoken languages. Even so, it has become the lingua franca of the country. This occurred after the British colonized South Africa in 1795, long after the Dutch arrived in the 1600s.

When the Union of South Africa was formed in 1910, English and Dutch became official state languages. Afrikaans would go on to replace the Dutch in 1925, though. And it is also true that the country has White South African English, Black South African English, Indian South African English, Cape Flats English, and Anglophone Coloured English in operation throughout.

The variety of English spoken in the country is extraterritorial, but Corrector App has been configured to embrace South African English. It resembles British English closely, but with American pop culture infiltrating the country, American English has become more familiar.

  • Native Speakers: 16.424.417
  • Total Population: 52.981.991

Dive into Russian Grammar Mastery

Russian is the most spoken native language in Europe and the most geographically widespread language in Eurasia. After English, it is also the second-most used language on the Internet.

The language is written in Cyrillic script, making it visually different from the Latin alphabet in English, French, Italian, etc. Besides Russian, around 100 minority languages are also spoken across Russia, but for the Corrector appyou can use the Russian online grammar check using the Cyrillic alphabet. 

As with the service for Latin alphabet languages, our software analyses the Cyrillic script swiftly to provide you with near-instant results for corrections.

Elevate Your Italian Spelling Skills

You always know when an Italian is speaking. Italian is just as beautiful as the country, full of expressive sounds and words. If you’re writing in Italian, then it is always crucial to make sure that you check the grammar and spelling and punctuation in use.

Through our simple and effective Corrector App, you can utilize an Italian spelling and grammar check to ensure you construct sentences properly. As in all cases, it offers a quick result, and you can use it anytime.

Check your Italian spelling and grammar with our software before submitting your text. It’s always good to delve deeper into your sentence structures and words.

Embrace Supreme Spanish Spellchecking

Spanish seems to roll off the lips pleasantly, but can it be said the same regarding the written form? You can always look into this using the Corrector App to proceed with a Spanish grammar check. This will analyze your writing and ensure it is appropriately registered, with correct words and sentence structure.

Follow the guidance noted earlier for a fantastic spell check in Spanish. Copy and paste the relevant text into the box provided and run the check. It doesn’t take long to do.

Enjoy Freedom in French Spelling

Many people find the French language to be romantic and loving. Whether this is due to how it sounds or whether you’re a fan of the multiple accents and special characters added to its words, the Corrector App can help you.

You can use our free French spell and grammar check to ensure that all the words you have used are spelt correctly. Adding the French grammar check analysis will ensure your sentences are all appropriately structured.

Reviewing the text you submit doesn’t take long, guaranteeing a top-quality result in seconds. Avoid making silly typos and incorrect verb tenses with our Corrector App, which will correct everything. French grammar can be tricky for non-native speakers, but we have the software to assist you. Just use the French grammar checker to complete this.

Master Portuguese Grammar

As many people know, this is the primary language of Portugal and Brazil. And it’s important to know that you are writing in this language correctly. We have also adapted the Corrector App to ensure that a Portuguese spelling and grammar checker is usable – as a sort of ortografia corrector, if you will.

This way, you don’t need to be a perfect speaker of the language – our software will correct everything for you.

Approximately 215 to 220 million people are considered native Portuguese speakers, and the Corrector App will make it seem like you are one of them with its Portuguese spelling and grammar checking.

Whizz Through German Spelling

Primarily spoken in Central Europe, German is Germany’s official or co-official language in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Belgium. While German is a pluricentric language with three standardized variants – German, Austrian, and Swiss Standard High German – it is standard German that our spell checker uses.

You are in the right place if you don’t want to be marked for bad German spelling and punctuation. You can use the German grammar checker via the Corrector App to ensure your written text is 100% correct.

Excel in the Complex Chinese Grammar

Anyone who is a native English speaker or uses another Latin alphabet system will probably look at Chinese and instantly be confused. Mandarin utilizes a set of characters for its alphabet and words. For this reason, it is ideal for making use of an online Chinese grammar checker free online like the Corrector App. You can ensure that you have used the correct characters throughout it.

Overcome writing style issues and questions about whether the symbols you create sentences with are correct. You can rely on us for the best spelling and grammar checking.

Improve Your Polish Grammar With Ease

If you want to correct your Polish grammar, the Corrector app can help you with its grammar fixer. Written in Latin script and primarily spoken in Poland, over 50 million people worldwide use it daily. Various accented and alternative letters exist within the Polish alphabet, and how a word sound is not necessarily how it is written. This is why the Corrector App can be necessary for your written text.

Become a Romanian Grammar Maverick

Romanian is spoken in Romania and Moldova as a native language, with around 34 million people worldwide saying it. It serves as one of the official languages of the European Union and has some similarities to Italian. Make sure you aren’t making mistakes in your construction of written Romanian text using the Corrector App for all your spelling and grammar checks.

Reliable Tagalog Grammar Checker

The Filipino language, AKA Tagalog, is the official language spoken in the Philippines together with English. To answer the request of our users, we have developed a free Tagalog grammar checker to help them proofread and check each piece of content. Our Tagalog grammar checker works smoothly and can help you quickly revise each piece of content.

You can select “Tagalog” to activate our grammar checker Tagalog in the and start your text proofreading to get an outstanding result. If you never tried it, go on and see how powerful is our free tool.

Guru-Level Swedish Spell Checking

Around 10 million people speak Swedish as a native tongue, and it is essentially mutually intelligible in written form to people in Norway and Denmark. Standard Swedish is the national language that evolved from Central Swedish dialects, and this is what our software uses for analyzing texts in Swedish. Make sure you don’t trip up and use the wrong words or sentences by pasting your text into the relevant box, as noted. You’ll get instant results from the Corrector App.

Uncover Dutch Grammar Secrets

Closely related to German and English, Dutch is spoken primarily in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is also the native language of Suriname and the islands of Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten, located in the Caribbean. It sounds similar to Afrikaans, and some people compare it to German. However, it incorporates slightly more Romance language loans than its German counterpart. You can check the language used via our Corrector App if you write in Dutch.

Maestros of Greek Correction

With the most extended documented history of any Indo-European language (across at least 3,400 years), the Greek language has its alphabet, which has been used for around 2,800 years.

Greek is important in the Western world’s history and remains operational in Greece and Cyprus as official language. You can make sure you are expressing your message in Greek with the proper punctuation and wording, and the sentence corrector will also help via the Greek Corrector App online. It’s a free online grammar checker to use and provides insight into your text.

Senseis in Japanese Grammar

About 128 million people speak Japanese, primarily on the islands of Japan, where it serves as the national language. As with Chinese, the Japanese language uses characters for its alphabet and words.

It is unknown when the language first appeared in Japan, but if you want to be confident that you are writing it correctly, Corrector App is here to help with Japanese spelling and grammar. Make sure that your Japanese readers understand your written text.

Prodigies of Slovak Grammar

One of the various Slavic languages, Slovak, is spoken by approximately five million people. It serves as the official language of Slovakia, and it is closely related to Czech and, to some degree, Polish. You can use the Slovak Corrector App for grammar and spelling online to avoid mixing up with these other languages.

Become a Champion in Finnish Grammar

To an outsider, Finnish can look like one of the most intimidating languages on paper. Most of Finland speaks it as an official language alongside Swedish. Nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and so on are inflected depending on their role in the sentence, and sentences are usually formed with subject-verb-object word order.

You’ll want to ensure you get this right when writing for a Finnish-speaking audience, so Corrector App is at your beck and calls anytime to assist.

Master Arabic Grammar Without Mistakes

Arabic is the lingua franca in the Arab world – a space that covers multiple countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Qatar, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Oman, and others.

The Arabic language uses its alphabet and writing tools system, and although it has around 32 varieties, the form used by the Corrector App is Modern Standard Arabic. Check your spelling and grammar using this service before submitting anything in Arabic.

Finding grammar mistakes is pretty easy with our tool. Just click on the check grammar button and let the magic happen!

Detect Danish Grammar Secrets

About six million people speak Danish, mainly in Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and a region of Germany known as Southern Schleswig. It is similar to Norwegian and Swedish, coming from Old Norse. To be sure that you are writing correctly in Danish, you can use the Corrector App to highlight any mistakes in your written text. Use it for free at any time of the day.

Say goodbye to Grammar Blunders with our tool for Danish and English grammar corrections.

Drastically Improve your Norwegian Grammar

While there are two official written forms of Norwegian – Bokmål and Nynorsk – the standard version of Norwegian that the Corrector App uses to check your text against, in doing so, it will provide you with a look at any mistakes made within that content. Understood by Swedish and Danish speakers, you will want to ensure you don’t mix up your Norse wording and sentence structure.

Use our grammar checker online tool to find all the typos in Norwegian.

Correct the Persian Grammar Online

Persian, or Farsi as often known, is spoken throughout Iran but is also used in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Iranian Persian is the version Corrector App utilizes to ensure you have constructed correct sentences and used the right words in your text. Modern Persian is a continuation of Middle Persian and Old Persian.

The grammar of Persian is similar to many European languages, but our software will confirm whether you have utilized this properly or not.

Tagalog and English Text Corrector on Mobile

Corrector App on Mobile: Your Text’s Best Buddy

You don’t have to use a home computer to use our text correctly, either. Instead, you can load it up through your smartphone or tablet if you are out and about. Visit our Corrector App website, and you will have a top-quality experience wherever you are. We have optimized it to adhere to your device’s screen size.

The exact process can be undertaken on mobile. Just copy and paste the text you want to check into the box on our mobile website, select the grammar options, and you’ll receive an instant analysis with corrections to put to use.

Grammar Checking Made Easy on iPhone

If you possess an iPhone, you can easily use the Corrector software. We don’t have a downloadable app for such devices yet, but you can proceed with spelling and grammar checks via iPhone. iOS software is compatible with our mobile website, allowing you to load it on your iPhone screen and paste the relevant text into the available box. Quick corrections can then be made as you see fit.

Android’s Trusty Grammar Sidekick

While there is no app to download to Android mobile devices, you can still use our software to check spelling and grammar. Spell-check Android services through our mobile website to ensure you always write high-quality, correct text. And this is available in the same languages found via the desktop version of Corrector. Receive instant spelling and grammar checks through your Android smartphone or tablet.

Got a Problem with Corrector App Free Grammar Checker? Let Us Know!

Should you encounter any issues while using the Corrector App, or if you see that a certain mistake has been flagged up that you disagree with, you can contact us easily. Message us, and we will look into any technical faults, incorrect mistakes highlighted, etc.

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