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Want to know more about us, the team behind our grammar checker? Then, you’re in the right place. Learn about how we came about, why we provide a free online spell checker and more. Read the story of our tool, or visit us on our social media channel to know the latest news.

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The Story of Corrector App

The Story of Corrector App

When a group of people who love language come together, little can hold them back. That’s certainly our story. Speaking languages is one thing, but writing correctly is quite another. Accurate, punctuated, high-quality sentence structure is a necessity in our lives. And it was with this in mind we wanted to create something to ensure it could also be a necessity in yours.

Writing text is easy, but constructing sentences and paragraphs that flow correctly, utilise the correct words, and incorporate excellent grammar can sometimes be confusing. So, we united our efforts and developed our own spelling and grammar checker under the Grammar Buddies LTD brand. Through this, we aim to provide our users with access to analysis for written work in numerous languages.

So, whether you are writing in English, German, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese, and so on, you can quickly check the spelling and grammar within. We want our software to be readily accessible to writers day and night via desktop and mobile. And it is!

Reasons Why Our Tool is Free

It was always the case that our tool would be free. We never for one-second thought about charging you a fee to have your text analysed by it. And at the same time, we also intend to maintain its free status. This way, you can use it whenever you require, receiving instant results on your text, and you needn’t worry about paying out for it.

Free spelling and grammar checks should be available for everyone. Because checking this is a way to help us all improve, why would we charge for that? How can we manage to keep it operating for free? We will earn via advertisements, displayed on-screen as you use the service.

Contact and Address

If you require further information or want to drop us a comment, feel free to do so. At Grammar Buddies LTD, we’re always ready to communicate with our visitors and users. All emails will be read and replied to within 24 hours. Our address is 23 New Drum Street, London, England, E1 7AY:

Please do not send us spam mail.