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The AI detector is a unique and useful service that helps you detect fake and copied content in your work. It ensures that any human written text has not been copied or partially copied from any existing online content. The AI checker tool utilizes its very own algorithm for identifying AI-written text using ChatGPT, GPT-4 or other AI content generators.

It is a simple and effective piece of technology, giving you real-time feedback on how much of the content pasted into it is fake. Our AI locator will highlight whatever stands out as copied text after you copy and paste the text into the box provided. With its assistance, you can be sure that all the content you post online is completely original.

Further, the AI content spotter can identify fraudulent content within your text. It’s a fully reliable route, giving you the knowledge that you’re constructing high-quality content.

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Introducing Our Advanced AI Detector in English

When creating content for the online world, you need to know that it is fresh, unique and isn’t plagiarising other peoples’ work. Our free chat GPT detector can give you peace of mind. Don’t simply take our word for it, though. Below, you can see why this service is so capable of helping out to detect AI content.

Why Our AI Content Detector Stands Out?

You may have seen other AI content detection tools online, but ours differs. For a start, there are no charges to use it. You are only required to copy and paste the text into the relevant box. While other companies expect you to pay a fee to submit your text for checking, our AI checker GPT comes without fees.

At the same time, you get instant feedback on the text that you submit. It utilizes natural language processing techniques to ensure the content is scanned effectively. Because of that, you receive the best results from the AI text checker. Any issues with the text are highlighted, and you can make the necessary changes.

Another feature of our AI writer detector is its increased accuracy when detecting GPT-generated text. The algorithm is frequently updated and goes through rigorous testing to provide the best service.

Effective Strategies to Identify Text Written by AI

You don’t necessarily have to use our AI content detector tool to check the text if you don’t want. There are certain tricks you can use to spot this for yourself as well. If you’re reading an article and it looks like certain words are being used repeatedly, there’s a strong chance it is not human-written content. An AI writing assistant probably constructed it instead. Words like “the”, “it”, and “is” tend to be used a lot via an AI text generator.

You can also look for unnatural transitions and errors in the work. It may be the case that AI tools can’t interpret the context of a piece of writing. As a result, the text lacks any coherence or flow common with human-written text. Mistakes with grammar or punctuation are quite common, and AI detectors will notice this, too.

AI-generated text will also often utilize heavy facts in its content. If it doesn’t have the author’s personal opinions, then there is a chance it isn’t unique. A piece of writing without personal feelings or emotions could also indicate AI written text.

Reasons to Use This AI Checker

Top Reasons to Choose Our Chat GPT Detector Tool

What is it about our checker that means you should use it? Why must you copy and paste your text into our free tool? Well, there are various reasons to use this AI writing detector, which we’ll look at closer below. You can easily take any text written by yourself or someone else and scan it with the free AI detector, but let’s look at why this is a good thing.

Experience Rapid Results with Our Fast AI Text Analysis

Nobody should wait for a result when checking text via content detectors. Our quick and effective service achieves AI content detection in less than a second. While you may find another AI detection tool without cost, the chances are it isn’t as quick as ours.

Thanks to the speed of this service, you can see any sentences, paragraphs or general content that is likely to be the work of artificial intelligence almost instantly. A percentage is also displayed, explaining how much of the content has been written by a human and how much is written by AI. This allows you to make any changes or, if it’s the work of others, note the amount of effort they have put into its creation.

This allows you to save time checking the text and looking for AI-written content. Our AI detection tool is lightning-fast and offers unprecedented accuracy.

Demonstrate Your Professional Edge by Detecting AI-Written Content

There is so much that can be done with artificial intelligence today. Artwork can be created. Song lyrics were written. Even digital currencies exist that run on a sort of AI setup. So, there was little doubt that human writers could turn to it and use it for constructing text to publish online. Yet it has also received quite a negative backlash because it’s not a person creating the content.

How can something be an original piece by someone if it’s machine-generated content? In 2024, we need to be better than this and prove that we have expertise in writing. AI-generated content can never be as fulfilling and personal as something written from the heart and mind of a human being.

Using the chat GPT checker, you can show how professional you are with your writing abilities. You can prove that you constructed it yourself and that there isn’t a hint of AI-written text within your content.

Identify Fraudulent AI-Generated Documents

AI-generated text may seem like a great way to assemble a great essay or workpiece. It can create something quickly and generally on-topic. Yet it will not ensure that your work doesn’t plagiarise content already online. Plus, it can sometimes provide the basic idea behind written work but not explain it properly with feeling.

The AI content checker detects GPT and recognises any fraudulent content. If you work in the content writing industry, you always want to ensure that content isn’t infringing on something someone else has authored. You can verify that it doesn’t with a quick scan of that work through the chatGPT checker.

By recognizing any fraudulent content within your work, you can make necessary changes to ensure it is all your writing. Of course, that helps with the previous point of remaining professional within your field of work.

How to Find Out if Students are Using AI for Writing?

It’s not uncommon for students to try and take the easy way out when doing their school or college homework. Entering some words into an AI generator can produce a piece of work that, from a fleeting glance, looks like it is well done and ready to publish on web pages and so on. Yet as a teacher, you can verify whether something is written by a human or by that AI technology.

To detect GPT as a teacher, you need to take the homework done by your students and paste it into our AI detector. This will provide instant results, and you can see if any or all of the work submitted by your students is AI content. That can help you grade the text they handed you, as it scans the online world for similarities. It can easily detect AI-generated content, making life much easier for you.

How AI Content Detection Works

Inside the AI Content Detection Process: A User’s Guide

Our AI detector works by using the OpenAI detector algorithm. Natural language processing techniques analyze the text pasted into the box through this. Deep learning models combine with this and detect chatGPT text within in.

It is specifically designed to operate a series of tests, including syntax and semantic analysis. This allows the AI content detector to determine whether the text is genuine or generated by AI. Alongside this, it utilizes machine learning techniques. That compares the languages used in suspicious texts with human-written texts.

By comparing those things, users of free AI content detectors can see a percentage score. This provides a vital insight into indicating whether ai is written text. Thanks to the GPT3 detector, you will always know how original the work you’re looking at, or writing is.

Popular Usage of Our Software

The AI-generated text detector can be a primary decision-making tool to make use of before submitting work or checking over other peoples’ work. This is why it is already popular with many users. Where would it be most prominent to use the chatGPT detector, though? Look at the popular instances where this software comes in handy below.

AI Detection for Educational Institutions Like Schools

Teachers in schools and colleges know they must teach within lessons and set homework for their students. This means they have extra work to complete while leaving the learning institution. Of course, this isn’t something that teachers themselves can monitor directly as they aren’t under their watchful eye anymore.

Students may try to take the easy way out when it comes to homework, leading them to use a search engine for AI content creators. Those AI content generators produce the homework for the students within seconds, which they can copy and paste into a word document and submit to the teacher. For this reason, New York schools banned AI chatbots a couple of months ago.

This is where the AI writing detector technology can work wonders, though. Teachers can easily copy and paste the homework supposedly written by their students into the AI detection free service we provide. The work will be scanned and detect patterns in work, flagging any instances of AI-generated text.

Maintaining Authenticity in the Workplace

Many people work in the content writing industry. It’s a bit sector to be a part of, and to maintain professionalism; it’s important to be original with your work. It’s not likely that someone will be able to get away with copying other peoples’ work or using AI-generated text, either. Usually, content writers submit their work to an editor, who will have more than a keen eye to see instances of this.

Professionals within the field can circumnavigate any potential situations arising by, first of all, doing their work. Yet even if you’re still not 100% certain, run it through the GPT checker before submitting it. It may flag certain areas for rectification if you have created content that mistakenly matches other work already online or looks like AI could have crafted it.

Being accurate and original with your work is important if you’re a professional. The ability to ensure this is something that the AI detection service we provide can offer.

Our Enterprise-Level Chat GPT and AI Detection Tool

Any company can benefit from a tool that will check GPT AI content. Enterprises must ensure that their marketing, branding, information and everything else is 100% accurate. Otherwise, they could be misleading people without knowing it. That much is more likely to be true if someone within the company has used AI software to save time generating content.

Whenever something new from an enterprise is put into the world, it should be run through the GPT detector. This will ensure that everything the enterprise offers in written form is unique and written by a human instead of through AI. There needs to be a level of knowledge and emotion felt by those people reading an enterprise’s wording. Our GPT 3 locator can ensure that the opposite of this won’t happen.

As a result, your enterprise can leave a much more professional and lasting impression with its created content.

Benefits of the AI Content Checker

Discover the Advantages of Using Our AI Content Checker

Now that you know how everything works with the AI checker GPT software, it’s time to learn more about its specific benefits. There are plenty of these associated with it. Yes, it’s great that it can detect AI-generated work, but there are extra advantages of it alongside this. Take a look at these benefits below.

Utilize Our Leading-Edge Language Model for AI Detection

Our AI generator checker utilizes a fantastic language model, which serves as the core for modern Natural Language Processing (NLP). This is something that can be used for a variety of online tools. It operates if you use speech-to-text apps, text summarisation services, etc. Even spell checkers utilize these language models to ensure maximum accuracy is achieved.

Thanks to the development of certain transformers in 2019, such as BERT, GPT-2 and others, language modelling experienced quite a boost. Compared to previous approaches relating to language models, the one we use requires much less data. It’s also the case that a single model is usable for multiple tasks in one go. This is why it can provide such speedy results when you utilize our GPT detection technology.

With more parameters and training data, the NLP tasks have a much higher performance level, and you get the advantage of that when using the chat GPT AI detector.

Detect a Wide Range of AI-Generated Texts

There is no service like the one that chatGPT AI detector offers. It has an unparalleled, wide range of coverage. By this, we mean that it supports many different languages, ensuring you get an accurate detection within your text. It can identify any languages pasted into the box before it analyses the wording within. That makes it extra special and beneficial to users around the world.

Included amongst the list of world languages that the detection software can work with, it can recognize Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, German, Mandarin, French, and many others. Therefore, anyone looking to check human-written text validity can use our software. Using the writer AI detector service means that you can publish only the best original work, regardless of where you are based.

Achieve the Highest Accuracy in AI-Generated Text Detection

Another important point to highlight about the detect chatGPT software is that it offers the most accurate online text checks. By utilizing the relevant algorithms and software, the detection of AI-generated content is better than ever. Our content locator offers the best setup for you to use because it can pinpoint the exact parts of a text that look like AI generates them.

Accuracy is, of course, the key to anything that is written. Thus, this makes it especially helpful for businesses, professionals and so on to use and ensure they provide original online content. If something is AI written, regardless of how big or small a part of the text is, our software can detect it in any article. You can then eliminate parts of the created work and input new details or highlight such for students when checking their work.

Save Time with Our Efficient AI Content Scanning Tool

In today’s fast-paced world, saving time wherever possible is important. This is where the AI content locator we provide can help. Because of how fast it processes the text pasted into the box, you can have a result work within seconds. From there, any AI content detection within the text is yours to sort out in whatever way.

Time-saving solutions like this are great for a writer. An AI content detector solves any issues quickly and effectively. This negates the need to review the work yourself and look for instances of generated text that humans should have written. So, what has the potential to take a long time is now possible to do within a few seconds. This is a great way for quick-paced businesses to deal with any online content created for them.

Our AI Checker is Search Engine Approved!

Our software is also approved to use alongside a variety of search engines, too. Thus, it operates successfully with the most popular and common of them and those that aren’t quite as well-known. Again, this means that people worldwide can take advantage of what this content detection service provides, which can be done directly through their favourite search engine. The software has been supported by the following:

StartPage, Swisscows, Ask, WolframAlpha, Yandex, AOL, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, Bing, Search Encrypt, Google, Yahoo, Gibiru, Naver, and Dogpile.

Technologies Detector App Detects

AI Detection Capabilities: Uncover the Technologies Our App Can Identify

It would be key to know what technologies our app detects, right? After all, generated text doesn’t come from one single piece of software. There are various options available to people to use for AI-generated text. As a result, we have incorporated as many of these into our software to detect as many potential issues in articles. The technologies it detects can be seen below.

Pinpoint AI Authorship with Our ChatGPT Text Detector

Launched in November of 2022, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot OpenAI developed. This prototype quickly gained a lot of attention, thanks to its detailed responses and the excellent answers it provides across various knowledge realms. Unfortunately, it does have an uneven accuracy regarding facts, resulting in the potential for false positives.

Our AI classifier can identify this technology whenever a customer uses the service. Any AI-generated text crafted through ChatGPT will instantly flag up on the screen, allowing you to see what has and hasn’t been artificially created. ChatGPT has received a variety of criticisms since its release, coming from journalists, educators, ethicists, artists, and more, who have criticized it for its AI threat to humans.

Identify GPT-2 Authored Content with Ease

The software can also detect any texts crafted with GPT-2 as well. As highlighted earlier, it analyses various written content elements, such as syntax and semantics. It combines NLP techniques, including word embedding and phrase clarification. This can, therefore, accurately detect anything generated with GPT-2.

Sentence length is something else that the software can analyze and identify. Not only that, but the word choice used in articles, any grammar and spelling errors etc., relating to the style of such can be identified. As a result, you will easily be able to see the difference between anything that has been created artificially against anything a human has written.

One other perk regarding the GPT-2 detection service is that it can analyze sentence structure. This is another way of identifying potential artificial text.

Detect GPT-3 Text Infiltrations Quickly

As well as the earlier versions of GPT technologies, including GPT-2, our service also incorporates the capability of detecting GPT-3. This is a more recent form of such, but it still uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It only needs an initial text as a prompt to produce text that continues from that.

Our detection service’s sophisticated algorithm incorporates extra NLP techniques, including sentiment analysis. Keyword extraction is also in use, which helps to detect texts created with this particular version of the generative pre-trained transformer models.

Our software uses structure clues to give insight into the GPT-3 detecting side. This is something that can quickly identify machine-generated content rather than human-written text.

Stay Current with GPT-4 Detection

There is also the most recent incarnation of GPT technologies – number four. Again, our software can detect content that has been created by using this, though. The AI classifier built into the software can recognize if a piece of written work has been generated via GPT-4. Topic modelling and word vectorization are some NLPs utilized to identify this.

Building on the useful algorithms used for other GPTs, it makes extra use of contextual cues to differentiate between them. This can verify whether something has been constructed via GPT-4 and therefore written by AI. Advanced data mining algorithms are also in use with this to find out if there are any similarities in work pasted into the box with artificially put-together work.

Whenever you want to optimize your content, it is often ideal to use a writing tool. Many people have done so in recent times, and as a result, there are various top-quality, popular writing tools to utilize. We have highlighted some for you, and you can check them out in your own time:

GrowthBar, Natural Text, Anyword, Outwrite, Closer Copy, LongShot, Outranking, Google BARD, NovelAI, Writesonic, INK for All, Copysmith,, Chat GPT, Lightkey, Text Blaze,, Grammarly, Surfer SEO, WordAI, Quillbot, ProWritingAid, Neuwoflash, Textmetrics, Cohere, Visla, MarketMuse, Narrato, Simplified, Article Forge, Nyle AI, Jasper, AI Writer, Persado, Lavender, Scalenut,, Lex, Wordtune, Writer, Sudowrite, Google Bard, Peppertype, Writerly,, Copymatic, and GetGenie.

Languages Our Tool Supports

Languages Catered by Our AI Detection Tool

Our software must cover as many languages and areas of the world as possible. That’s why it has been set up to operate alongside many of these. While the more common languages are supported, so too are various rarer ones, ensuring that whether in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere, our useful detection service will be able to assist you.

Availability of Our AI Checker Software Across Platforms

The app we provide is supported by several devices, meaning you don’t have to use it from a desktop computer at all times. While there isn’t a downloadable app, you can still navigate to the website and copy and paste text in various ways.

  • PC: A home computer often provides a simple and quick way of copying and pasting text to get a result. Just visit the website via your browser, and you will be able to make use of it easily.
  • Mobile Phone: If you’re out and about, you can still enjoy the benefits of this service. Just use your mobile web browser to visit the site in the same way as you would on a desktop computer.
  • Tablet: A tablet operates similarly to a mobile phone, so that you can use this service in the same way. Copying and pasting written work is holding your finger down over the appropriate text and then hitting the copy button before pasting.

Encounter an Issue? Report Problems With Our AI Detector

We always want you to have the best service when using our detection setup. If you encounter any problems while checking your writing, we urge you to contact us, and we will resolve the issue swiftly.

To speak with us, you can send an email to Ensure you provide all the details of the problem you have experienced so we can provide relevant assistance. We look forward to receiving any feedback you have about our service.

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